16 Days until our HUGE 216 for 2016 sale!

Stop. Hold the phone.  Literally… hold your phone, pull up your calendar, and set a reminder for January 16th because you CANNOT miss our massive 2016 sale!  If your finger has been itching to hit the ‘register now’ button for Everything Food Conference, the time to act is NOW! This ONE-DAY, ONE-TIME ONLY 2016 SALE […]

Our gift to you… 25% off tickets!

 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!  We love this time of year and hope you enjoy a day full of love, family, and fabulous food.  In celebration and preparation for the New Year, we are gifting 25% off tickets until New Years Eve at midnight.  Everything Food Conference is a must-attend event in 2016.  Use promo […]

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