Top Ten Strategies for making Email Marketing your most profitable channel!

Email Marketing isn’t the newest social channel, but it is still the most profitable. In this 50-minute workshop ConvertKit is going to teach you why your email subscribers are the most important and loyal “followers” of your business, our top ten strategies for getting your first one thousand subscribers, strategies for segmenting your email list, […]

(Beginner) Video and Workflow Planning

Being well prepared before you even hit record on your camera is the key to a successful food video shoot. This class will go over tips and tricks for getting everything setup and ready so that you are able to efficiently create beautiful recipe videos without all of the stress. We will also cover the […]

(Advanced) Workflow of a professional photoshoot from conception to execution

Come join this amazing session with Helene where she’ll share: working with the publishers (helps bloggers think about sponsors relationship) writing an estimate (helps bloggers think about financial aspect of a shoot) creating a team (helps bloggers think about how to be that 3 headed monster of photog, prop and food stylist) creating a mood board (helps bloggers […]

(Beginner) SEO… Where do I even begin?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with SEO and doubtful you’ll ever understand how to implement a successful SEO strategy?  Expert Ty Kilgore has years of experience clearly teaching and explaining SEO startegies to beginners. Come learn how to create a strong foundation and understanding of SEO which will set you up for long-term success.

(Advanced) Let’s Talk Massive Instagram Growth!

Stefani will share the techniques that she uses every day to grow her massive Instagram following.  She’ll reveal tips that you can use immediately to make your time on Instagram more effective and less frustrating. You’ll learn about powerful engagement, hashtagging, content choices, reposting, and more  – what works and what doesn’t.

Top 10 Ways to Succeed on YouTube

You’ve concurred Pinterest, tackled Instagram, and finally figured out Facebook, but what about YouTube? YouTube is not just a place to host your videos, it’s a intricate social platform with massive reach and a language all its own. Learn from top food creators, who have built impressive communities on YouTube, how to really succeed on […]

(Advanced) 3 Tactics to Help You Go Viral Without Going Broke

Advanced strategies to help you beat the Facebook algorithm. * Talk for your reader.  Food helps people identify themselves.  Use your page to talk about the type of foodie that follows you. * Feed Facebook.  Just like we need to keep our readers happy we also need to feed the platform, Facebook. * Share strategically.  […]

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