Everything Food Experts Express (help desks) – Blogging Law, Branding, Media Kits, and Writing Tips and Strategies

Have questions about writing a blog or cookbook, getting a book deal, or making a change to your career path? Dianne Jacob is a coach who specializes in working with food writers and bloggers.

Do you have questions on contracts, business formation, copyright and trademark law?  Mark Wright has been working with bloggers and helping them navigate the sometimes murky legal waters of the Internet since blogging was a thing. Come ask for help with trademark and copyright issues, contracts, business formation, and lots of other thorny issues.

Do you have questions on how to make your brand pop out in the middle of a saturated market? Foodies, prepare to meet your most valuable recipe.  Come ask brand strategist Phil Pallen for tips on positioning, building, and promoting your brand in a way that’s fun and leads to business.

Do you have questions on how to start a media kit, pitch brands, and successfully increase your income? Come ask the expert Jenny Melrose who has perfected her ability to pitch brands including having a professional and eye catching media kit.

Have more questions about sponsored post contracts, contributors, ambassadorships, image and video rights, copyright and trademark issues, hiring virtual assistants, affiliates and more?  Come ask David Snyder all your questions.

Location: Meridian C Date: May 10, 2018 Time: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm Jenny Melrose Dianne Jacob Headshot - Everything Food Conference Dianne Jacob Mark Wright Headshot - Everything Food Conference Mark Wright Phil Pallen Headshot - Everything Food Conference Phil Pallen

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