(Additional Fee Applies) PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP :: The Foodie Bootcamp :: Brand Video Experience

*** Additional registration is required to attend this workshop.  Space is limited. All levels welcome. Payment is due at time of registration. A full EFC2019 conference ticket must have been purchased in addition to this registration in order to attend this workshop.***

PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP :: The Foodie Bootcamp :: Brand Video Experience

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is priceless.

Having a media kit to send clients is great. But it only gets better when that kit also includes a 30-60 second video introducing you and your brand. Powerful scripting and visuals will provide a quick, immediate, and pleasing way for potential clients to see who you are and what amazing talent you offer their company or brand. To get a little sciency – the brain processes video sixty thousand times faster than text. Don’t just tell people who you are, show them.

With the Brand Video Experience at Everything Food Conference, you’ll work with a professional producer before the event to pull the story out of your brand and prepare for your video experience.

You’ll show up the day of with an impactful script, ready to film. You’ll get your hair and makeup done by a professional makeup artist so that you look nothing short of stunning on camera. During filming, you’ll work with a professional cinematographer and your scriptwriter who will walk you through every shot. Don’t worry if you’ve never filmed before, or don’t have your script memorized! Your cinematographer will direct each shot, the entire way, taking the time you need to get it perfect.

You’ll have an entire hour alone with the pros, to get as many takes as needed. Stunning “sets” will be prepared so that your cinematographer can also capture b-roll of you at work, to create a visually intriguing and well put together video.

After everything is filmed, sit back and relax! An editor will put together your video with graphics, text, timing, logos, websites, and anything else you request. Once your video is delivered, you’re welcome to request edits so that it turns out exactly as you wish. That’s why we’re calling this an experience, not just a video.

A pro will be with you each step of the way, taking care of the details so that you just have to show up and star in your very own brand video.

You’ll end up with a powerful resource to include in your media kit. Spots are incredibly limited for this experience, so be sure to get it while you can!

Meet Your Producer: Jane Thomas:

Jane Thomas is a seasoned storyteller, writer, content creator, and producer. Digging up a good story and getting to the heart of it is Jane’s dream gig. A former KSL NBC Studio 5 producer, and feature editor, Jane is a skilled writer, who knows how to send an impactful message. Jane is on-board to learn more about you and your brand, write your script, and be there during filming to help direct and produce you to media kit heaven.

Meet Your Filmographer: Andrew McLay:

Andrew McLay is a professional producer and cinematographer, who knows that video isn’t a science, it’s an art. Currently, the marketing manager at Sunstroke Magazine, and head producer at Lark & Co. studios, Andrew is a skillful cinematographer, editor, and writer. He’s the creator and producer of Love, Lark, a show that was later picked up by NBC Universal. He’s also the showrunner for How to Cook Like a Food Stylist, and the director of many of Sunstroke Magazine’s promotional videos. Andrew is on-board as cinematographer and director during filming, as well as editing supervisor post-production. Andrew has an eye for creating a moving video and is prepared to create a video that will help you shine to potential clients.

What You Get

  • Consulting session with a professional video producer to craft your script
  • 30-minute spa experience with a professional hair & makeup artist (come with hair blown-out and a light layer of makeup, our pro will do the rest)
  • On-screen talent coaching
  • One fully dedicated hour of filming
  • 4 different scenes, customized to your blog niche
  • All equipment, props, scripting, filming, and editing provided by the pros.
  • Connection & contact with the film team before, during, and after the shoot for questions, concerns and 1 round of edits.
  • One fully edited, 30-60 second brand video with music, titling and graphics.


Eight 1-hour slots available May 1

Additional Fee: $1250 per slot

Location: Meridian C Date: May 1, 2019 Time: - Brooke Larke & Lindsay Cotter

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