(Additional Fee Applies) PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP :: The Foodie Bootcamp :: Headshot Experience

*** Additional registration is required to attend this workshop.  Space is limited. All levels welcome. Payment is due at time of registration. A full EFC2019 conference ticket must have been purchased in addition to this registration in order to attend this workshop.***

PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP :: The Foodie Bootcamp :: Headshot Experience

Here at Everything Food Conference, we know the power of headshots. Nothing is more personal, or connects you more to your audience, than, well…you!

Snag a ticket for the Headshot Experience at Everything Food Conference, and get dozens of incredible photographs from a skilled, professional photographer.

With backdrops already prepared, spend 30 minutes posing it up in front of each one with your photographer. Walk away with fully edited, gorgeous headshots that can be used professionally, for social media, on your blog, website, anywhere!

If you’re camera shy, fear not! The professional photographer will walk you through poses, expressions, and styles so that you walk away with photos you’ll be proud to use.

Spots are limited, so be sure to snag a ticket for the headshot experience today!


“I loathe getting my picture taken. It brings up all my insecurities – I can’t keep my eyes open when I smile, I don’t know how to smile, I look dorky when I laugh and a thousand other critiques.

While at #foodiebootcamp Lindsay @cottercrunch told me that I should get my headshots…

These pictures are not just pictures for branding or a website. They represent a 15 minute window that built my confidence in a way that hadn’t been built up in a very long time and in a place where I felt vulnerable. we’re all struggling through this business stuff and sometimes we feel insecure and need someone else to drag us out of that hole.

Brooke, thank you for capturing these moments and Lindsay for your kind words after you saw them.” ~Kate Ahl, SimplePinMedia.com


Brooke Lark hails from a 100-year-old photography studio in the heart of Salt Lake City. A professional photographer since 2006, she’s worked with dozens of clients and has created thousands of stunning images. Brooke is a people person and knows exactly how to make you look nothing short of fantastic on camera.

Lindsay Cotter is a skilled professional photographer and content creator who knows what it takes to make you shine. Her stunning photography and editing skills will leave you with incredible photos that you’ll be proud to use everywhere.

What You Get

  • 30-minute headshot session with a professional photographer
  • 4 backdrops for a variety of scenes and uses
  • Guidance from the pro for multiple poses, styles, and angles
  • Walk away with dozens of professional headshots and photos for your website, branding & Instagramming


Sixteen 30-minute slots available May 1

Additional Fee: $450 per slot

Location: Meridian C Date: May 1, 2019 Time: - Brooke Larke & Lindsay Cotter

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