(SOLD OUT) Food Video Intensive Workshop with Ashlee Prisbrey

Have you always wanted to have your own cooking show? These days you don’t have to wait for the networks to come calling. You can create your own one-woman show! Perfectly styled, step-by-step, videos are a great way to engage and interact with your fans, and today’s audiences love SEEING exactly how a recipe is made.

EFC favorite Ashlee Marie creates weekly, high-quality, multi-camera, cooking show-style videos completely solo, and is an expert at both edited and live stream styles.  Learn more about the intricacies of each style, and master the art of using each. Ashlee will unpack basics on filming equipment, software, set-up, video extras (intros, end-cards,overlays, etc.), and platforms. Participants also learn how to pick just the right recipe for filming, and how to prepare for a shoot from shopping to storyboarding. Ashlee gives her tips and tricks for feeling confident on camera, and maximizing collaborative work with other brands and bloggers.

Location: Stratus Date: May 9, 2018 Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Ashlee Prisbrey Headshot - Everything Food Conference Ashlee Prisbrey

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