Theory of Content: Live! Ways to build your content to benefit your SEO with Mediavine!

During this LIVE podcast, come talk about SEO in a practical way where you aren’t “gaming” a system and learn how to write good, focused content in order to raise your rankings.  Come prepared with questions because you’ll find your answers!

Amber Bracegirdle is a co-founder of Mediavine. Lifelong loves include Texas, Mexican food, her British husband, and two boys, named Evan and Will. She’s also obsessed with helping bloggers create better content and the businesses of their dreams. She’s also co-host of the Theory of Content podcast.

Joshua Unseth is the Director of Marketing for Alarm Grid, a home security company in Florida. His content-centric philosophy propelled his sites to success, and should be a breath of fresh air for anyone looking to build a successful presence online.  He’s a co-host of the Theory of Content podcast.

Location: Meridian D Date: May 10, 2018 Time: 10:15 am - 11:05 am Amber Bracegirdle Joshua Unseth

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