Top 10 Ways to Succeed on YouTube

You’ve concurred Pinterest, tackled Instagram, and finally figured out Facebook, but what about YouTube? YouTube is not just a place to host your videos, it’s a intricate social platform with massive reach and a language all its own. Learn from top food creators, who have built impressive communities on YouTube, how to really succeed on this unique platform with their Top 10 most important tips. They’ll break it down step-by-step into actionable “to-dos” that will give you a leg up on building your video presence. From how to attract subscribers, to what really drives views, how to appease the algorithm, collaborate with other YouTubers, understand the metrics (and why they matter!) and oh yeah, how to actually make money from video!

Location: Meridian D Date: May 12, 2018 Time: 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm Beth-Le-Manach - Everything Food Conference Beth Le Manach Tatyana Nesteruk headshot Tatyana Nesteruk Sara Lynn Cauchon - Everything Food Conference Sara Lynn Cauchon Joanne-Ozug-Fifteen-Spatulas-Square-1280-1 Joanne Ozug

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