Domestic Superhero - Everything Food Conference Allyson Zea

Domestic Superhero - Everything Food Conference


Allyson Zea is the creator of popular food blog, Domestic Superhero, which features easy, homemade, affordable meals anyone can cook. She is all about saving you time, money, and keeping things simple in the kitchen. Fresh ingredients and top notch flavor are key to the recipes found on Domestic Superhero.  After starting and growing her blog 4 years ago, she was frustrated with the growth of her Facebook Page, and realized something needed to be done. Within a month of Facebook Live rolling out, she went full speed head utilizing the new feature. In only 7 months she tripled her fans/followers on Facebook, and credits it mostly to Facebook Live. Allyson will explain the ins and outs of FB live, how you can monetize FB live, and also how to grow a loyal audience using the fun tool.

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