Brooke Larke & Lindsay Cotter

Brooke Lark and Lindsay Cotter, the founders of Foodie Bootcamp:

Brooke Lark hails from a 100 year old food photography studio in the heart of Salt Lake City. A professional food photographer and videographer since 2006, she’s worked with dozens of clients and has created thousands of stunning images, and blog posts. Brooke is the author of 10+ cookbooks, and her Food Photography facebook group has grown to be one of the largest gatherings of food creators in the industry, with more than 5000+ members and growing. Brooke will be attending Foodie Bootcamp as a mentor in photography, styling, and recipe development, and she’s more than ready to help you slay that content.

Lindsay Cotter is a AASDN certified nutrition specialist, who focuses on utilizing real food in easy and delicious gluten free recipes. Lindsay is a professional recipe developer and food photographer who loves superfoods, meal planning, no bake-bites, and natural ingredients. Lindsay is all about helping people simplify food and ingredients, to create healthy, gluten/grain free recipes. Lindsay has published several cookbooks, both online, and in print, and is currently one of the top 100 bestsellers in Amazon’s “Special Diet/Allergy” cookbook category. Lindsay will be attending Foodie Bootcamp as a mentor in recipe development, photography, lighting, and styling, and is passionate about helping foodies create incredible content.

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