David Snyder

David Snyder is an attorney who runs Blogger Legal, a website designed to provide affordable, customizable contracts for bloggers for a fraction of the cost of hiring an attorney.  David’s wife Sabrina Snyder is also a speaker at Everything Food Conference and the blogger behind Dinner, then Dessert and Cooking with Points.

Blogger Legal was started because as Sabrina’s blog grew and she started working with third parties she’d have him write her contracts for her. Soon enough many of her friends were requesting similar contracts for their uses. Due to the the ethical regulations lawyers must follow he wasn’t able to write them specific contracts, so Blogger Legal was created to give them editable/customizable contract templates.
Blogger Legal has over 30 templates and guides including products that cover sponsored post contracts, contributors, ambassadorships, image and video rights, copyright and trademark issues, hiring virtual assistants, affiliates and more. These templates are designed to protect bloggers’ best interests while creating clear paths for them to enforce payment schedules and maintain their ownership of their content.

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