Debbie Strong

Debbie and Grant Strong started SVG out of their home in Park City, Utah in November 2012. It was their vision to provide locally grown fresh produce to Chef’s and Grocery Stores 365 days a year by growing indoors.

Five years later, they are in their new 11,000 square foot growing facility located in Charleston UT.  They utilize state of the art systems to accomplish the climate controlled environment needed to grow indoors. The facility has the most updated water treatment, LED lighting & nutrient injection systems available in the market today. Since they grow their greens hydroponically (no soil) the water and nutrients are key to delivering safe quality produce. The water is recaptured and reused then sent through an ozonating system that kills pathogens and bacteria insuring a safe product. The byproduct of this system is oxygen that enriches the plants flavor, longevity and appearance. The produce is grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides and is NON-GMO.  The produce is sustainable, consistent and protected from weather and pests.

Our retail products can have up to 40% more nutrients than full grown produce.  The Pea shoots are a great source of plant based protein. Kids love the tiny plants and flavors.   Thank you for supporting us and helping us grow. There is a picture of our indoor garden on the back of our business card.

Acreage: 5.5 acres

Farming Method: Hydroponic, raised dirt beds

Crops: 30 different Micro greens, Micro green mixes, Petite Lettuce and Mache, Pea and Tendril Shoots, Edible Flowers.

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