Derral Eves

Derral Eves is your clever, fun, geeky and knowledgeable Video & YouTube Expert. Since starting his marketing company in 1999, he has worked with some of the top brands, businesses and YouTube channels in the world. Some of his top clients including Studio C, CVX Live, Corbis, The Piano Guys, Red Bull, Adobe Software, ABC, NBC, AEI and many more. He finds great satisfaction taking on “impossible” projects–doing things that people thought couldn’t be done. He finds unique and creative ways to overcome obstacles to achieve goals. Derral is also an information and data vacuum and has put a major emphasis on staying at the cutting edge in the industry. He believes that knowledge and information can free us to become something greater. In his spare time (he actually doesn’t have spare time), he has grown his YouTube channel to be the biggest “How to” YouTube channel in the world. With his family as his top priority and the motivating force behind his success, he started his Geekify Guys YouTube channel to get them more involved with what he does. Derral is driven and passionate about helping individuals and businesses develop, grow, succeed, and ultimately make a positive impact in the world. Derral is an incredible speaker whose presentations will have you laughing at one moment and bringing you to tears in the next as he shares valuable information you won’t find anywhere else.

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