Jeff Hawley


On social media he’s known as HashtagJeff, but most people just refer to him as “That SEO Guy”. Working with bloggers is a fairly new adventure for Jeff. He has spent most of his career working with businesses and corporations to expand their reach through digital marketing. In the last 12 months Jeff has shifted his entire career path to work entirely with bloggers and their SEO. He speaks at conferences, holds group SEO clinics, works 1-on-1 with bloggers, and even has a membership course for those that want to learn at their own pace.

“I believe that SEO is best handled by those invested in the brand and know the content. You don’t need to hire out your SEO or spend lots of money to succeed organically, you just need to learn how to incorporate SEO into what you’re already doing. You can have far more success with your own SEO than I ever could because you know the topic and the readers better than anyone else.”

Jeff says his decision to work with bloggers is one of the best career choices he has ever made. He gets to geek out on digital marketing everyday and work with motivated people that get stuff done. One of his favorite things about working with bloggers is the fact that they share similar interests and goals, provide for their family and have the freedoms that come with working from home.

For more about Jeff, you can find him at or on Instagram as @hashtagjeff.

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