Kami Kilgore Headshot - Everything Food Conference Kami Kilgore

Kami Kilgore Headshot - Everything Food Conference

Kami Kilgore (Owner and Founder of Everything Food Conference) – Prior to blogging at No Diets Allowed, I was clueless about how much time, dedication and hard work went into blogging. After oodles of blood, sweat, tears and mistakes, I quickly discovered my blogging hobby needed to become a business. I also kept feeling like I was meant to do something bigger and decided to attend a local blogging conference to help me discover what that ‘something’ was.

While attending, I immediately knew I needed to start a high-quality food bloggers conference.  In the hotel lobby of the conference, I began planning and did not stop planning for 13 months straight until successfully hosting #EFC2016.

During our first conference, I was overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement from all the positive feedback I received.  Attendees would approach me constantly saying “I can’t believe this is your first year!” or “I’ve been to several other conferences and EFC has blown them all out of the water!”  The support and enthusiasm from our attendees has only made me more focused, more dedicated, and more humbled to host such an amazing event!  Please join us and very much look forward to meeting you in person!

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