Kay Featherstone

Kay, alongside her partner, Kate, founded the popular recipe sharing website Pinch of Nom. With Kate’s lifelong background in cheffing and Kay’s background in web & internet services, a food website was inevitable.
Pinch of Nom was founded with the idea of sharing some slimming recipes with others from their weight-loss group and has, with Kay’s strategy, grown to obtain a massive 9.5 million page views a month, becoming one of the largest food blogs in the UK.
Kay has taken a commanding role in all aspects of growing the website, honing her food photography and video-creation skills and building a huge following for the site in the form of a highly active Facebook group, which is the driving force behind most of the website’s traffic.
The Facebook group is something Kay advocates greatly for food blogging and is a huge focus for the business, with extra staff having been taken on to help run the group and provide content for the group to land on.
With such a successful recipe for online growth, it’s no wonder that Kay now provides consultancy to other brands looking to achieve the same success.

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