Lanelle Butterfield

Lanelle Butterfield is a Certified People Code Trainer which has provided knowledge, skills, and guidelines for navigating all of her life relationships.  Lanelle uses the People Code daily while running her five successful businesses and raising five boys, one of her boys also happens to be her husband (LOL).

She has extensive experience working deeply with each personality color especially since her four sons each have different personality colors.  She has coached other businesses, individuals, and marriages using the Color Code.  She helps people discover their core motive and the underlining WHY behind them which impacts all relationships especially personal and business relationships.  Helping others discover a new way to approach relationships has been one of her most rewarding achievements. 

She personally benefits from understanding her own core motive.  This knowledge has allowed her to be more kind and gentle with herself as she actively works on her limitations and trying to conquer characteristics that are not naturally her own.  She attributes her success in her marriage, family relationships, and businesses to The Color Code.  She’s excited to share her expertise and training with the Everything Food attendees.

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