Mikaela Stone

Mikaela Stone is the baker extraordinaire behind wyldflour.com, living a life overflowing with cookies, cakes, and too many carbohydrates in general.  She lives in the snowy Mountain West, where midwest food culture meets southwest food culture in an explosion of casserole dishes, chile powder, and cinnamon sugar.  She likes corn flakes on her ice cream, Nutella in her tamales, cookies in her salad, and chile in her chocolate.
Mikaela dedicates her time to studying Baroque-esque food photography–a dark and moody style that compliments the drama of dreamy chocolate cakes.  She began blogging in 2016 and attributes the blog’s quick growth to the generous advice of many in the blogging community, including her ever-supportive Toddler Blogger Tribe.
Mikaela lives in Denver with her husband, David, and their fluffy white golden retriever named Darwin.  Both husband and pup continue to be supportive, despite Mikaela’s penchant for overstocking the prop closet and throwing flour all over the kitchen floors.

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