Patrice Bisiot & Brooke Lark

About The Fashion Psychic, Patrice Bisiot | Best selling author and founder of Image Impact Index, Patrice Bisiot is a Paris-born celebrity stylist and executive coach. Image and Branding Consultant, he’s been called a “style interventionist” because the changes he helps clients make impacts many areas of their lives, often dramatically and unexpectedly. When not at home in Manhattan or Beverly Hills, he’s traveling around the world, helping clients unlock their fullest potential.

About Brooke Lark; Co-host, The Fashion Psychic | Brooke Lark is the queen of promotion for personal brands. She started her blog on the kitchen table with a $20 point-and-shoot camera and has since turned her brand into a thriving Creative Agency, serving clients like Delicious Living Magazine, NBC Universal’s Bluprint, Stiry and more. She shares the secrets behind her success with approachable candor, breaking secrets into easy-to-follow formulas that will help you become the kind of creator that gets noticed by fans and brands.

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