Suzy Eaton


Suzy grew up in the Salt Lake Valley, attending Bingham High School. Apart from a seven-year move to Phoenix, she has lived in Utah most of her life.

She is married and has six children. Three of her own, and three stepchildren that she considers her own.

She studied art at the University of Utah and graphic arts at Mesa Community College.

From a young age, she knew art would play a huge part in her life.

She had no idea how much it would guide her career and her entire life.

She started out drawing as a small child, which turned into a painting, which eventually led her to a career in decorative painting and murals. She then wrote a book about decorative painting and found herself contributing to other publications, as well.

She also studied graphic design and worked in-house as a graphic designer for a large company for several years, then for a newspaper.

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