Suzy Eaton


Suzy grew up in the Salt Lake Valley, attending Bingham High School. Apart from a seven year move to Phoenix, she has lived in Utah most of her life.  She is married and has six children. Three of her own, and three step children that she considers her own.

She studied art at the University of Utah and graphic arts at Mesa Community College.  From a young age, she knew art would play a huge part in her life.  She had no idea how much it would guide her career, and her entire life.  She started out drawing as a small child, which turned into painting, which eventually led her to a career in decorative painting and murals. She then wrote a book about decorative painting and found herself contributing to other publications, as well.  She also studied graphic design and worked in-house as a graphic designer for a large company for several years, then for a newspaper.

It was about that time that the desire to do something more creative took over, and she found herself in the right place at the right time, and was hired as an artist and photo stylist for a publishing company.  She learned the basics about styling there, which progressed to decorating big sets for video shoots.  She then took the scary leap to see if she could make a career as a freelance stylist. She figured if she could style ‘everything’, she would work more.  Without any training, she added food to her repertoire, thinking it wouldn’t come up very often…which wasn’t the case at all.  She started getting calls for food styling, and just did what she needed to do, faked it, until she made it. After all, the food didn’t need to taste good, it just needed to look good. It was just another art project to her.  Now, almost 17 years later, she has established herself as a professional food stylist, working for all the top brands.

She still loves to do set decorating, prop styling and wardrobe styling, but food styling is her passion.  She works all over the country, and to her, the best part is, her daughter is her full time assistant, and they have a blast together.  With all of that she felt there was still more to do!  She gets asked a lot of questions about her career, from wanting to know what the food is made of, how she got started in it, and if she really cooks the food.  She has decided it’s time to answer these questions and share her recipes, tricks and knowledge.  So, she decided to spend more time on social media posting these things and also start a blog which shares recipes, styling tips and behind-the-scenes photos and videos. She is so excited to have a platform to share these things with all of you!

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