Welcome to our new, gorgeous and spacious venue, Davis Conference Center! We are ecstatic about bringing EFC just a short distance north of Salt Lake City, Utah in order to meet our attendee and conference needs.  Here are 5 reasons this venue is a dream come true:

  • The conference center is surrounded to several high-quality hotels and even attached to a beautiful, newly renovated Hilton Garden Inn Hotel!  You asked.  We provided. You wanted a hotel venue and now you’ll have it!
  • More functional space.  There is no shortage of functional classroom and dining space to expand with EFC’s growth.
  • Free parking!  Whether you’re local or renting a car, there is plenty space to park your ride.
  • They give us freedom to bring-in outside food vendors!  This is truly unique.  Trust us… we’ve searched far and wide to find a large, compatible venue which gives us freedom over what food is brought in by us and our sponsors.  Food is kinda an essential part of Everything FOOD and now we have no restrictions… so get ready to eat!!!
  • Easy to find and clear signage.  This place is amazing!  You’ll be able to easily navigate to the venue AND navigate inside the venue with clear, direct, and easy signage.

Davis Conference Center - 2018 Venue

UPDATE: We have already booked every single room of the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel! First thing, PLEASE do not panic if you did not get one of these rooms!

There are three high-quality hotels incredibly close to the Davis Conference Center (two hotels less than 5 minutes walking) and we are tirelessly working to solidify new room blocks with fabulous rates.  PLEASE be patient as we are in negotiation to solidify the $109 rate for you.  The new hotels and room blocks will be open on October 4th Please keep an eye on your email for the announcement.

We’re thrilled you are anxious to attend #EFC2018 and promise we will do our best to accommodate each and every one of you.


  1. Mark says:

    Looks AMAZING!

  2. Beth K says:

    WOW, the hotel said the rooms at the $109 rate have been sold out for several days. Being the conference tickets just went on sale a few hours ago, this really stinks. I already bought my conference ticket and now the room is $175 per night.

    • Kami Kilgore says:

      Hi Beth! PLEASE do not panic! The conference center is closely surrounded by several hotels and we’ll take care of you girl! You’ll get the $109 rate, but it will now be at a nearby hotel (AND by nearby… I mean sharing the parking lot with the conference center and 2 minutes walking). Please refer to the instructions in your confirmation email since we will be opening up new hotel room blocks on October 4th! Take a deep deep breath, my friend. All be will taken care of.

  3. mrivera says:

    How long does it normally take to receive the confirmation email? I know you’ve been experiencing some insane website traffic, so I’ll be patient, but any insight is appreciated.

  4. MIke Howell says:

    Just a note about the confirmation email, check your spam folder that’s where mine ended up. I tried to book the hotel room last week, but I was told the promo of $109 was not available. I will keep an eye out for the next hotel availability email.

    • Kami Kilgore says:

      Thank you for the tip, Mike! Yes, please keep an eye out for the new room block announced on October 4th. Thanks again!

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